Hi, there. Thanks for visiting. I'm starting this blog as an advocate for mental and physical health. I'm a freelance writer and also own a home based medical transcription business. I was diagnosed in 1978 with paranoid schizophrenia and started to become acutely ill three years prior to that, unmedicated, frightened, confused, and in trouble with the law. I graduated from university with distinction the year I became ill. I've never regretted learning how to think at university. I struggled with my illness for 35 years and have reached the top of the mountain now, I think, or the other side, where the grass is greener and the path easier. There's hope for all of us, the whole human race, and never think there isn't hope or joy no matter your circumstances. I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences with mental illness in all its forms: depression, brain injury, autism, schizophrenia, bipolar, anxiety disorders, etc. and your positive experiences as well as those lies and half truths society and even therapists would have us believe about ourselves.

We are different folks, and we are beautiful. The whole human race is beautiful. Let's celebrate life.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Musings of a former paranoid

I've noticed a bit of serendipity. When I post a rainbow photo someone else posts a rainbow photo. When I wear red sneakers someone else wears red sneakers. When I post a fireworks photo someone else posts a fireworks photo. When I call myself a pirate someone else calls themselves a pirate. These things really happen. Am I leader? When I wear feather earrings will I see others? That's my next plan. Yours truly, the Paranoid Psychopath
And what's with the media saying Norway's attacks aren't "terrorist?" Are all "terrorists" of a different race? Can't Caucasians be terrorists?
I'm planning to write an article on the wonderful job the Edmonton Police Service is doing with its training of officers dealing with the mentally ill. The media knows but there isn't much in the media about it. I think the EPS deserves a big pat on the back. I'm going to try and see that they get some recognition.

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