Hi, there. Thanks for visiting. I'm starting this blog as an advocate for mental and physical health. I'm a freelance writer and also own a home based medical transcription business. I was diagnosed in 1978 with paranoid schizophrenia and started to become acutely ill three years prior to that, unmedicated, frightened, confused, and in trouble with the law. I graduated from university with distinction the year I became ill. I've never regretted learning how to think at university. I struggled with my illness for 35 years and have reached the top of the mountain now, I think, or the other side, where the grass is greener and the path easier. There's hope for all of us, the whole human race, and never think there isn't hope or joy no matter your circumstances. I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences with mental illness in all its forms: depression, brain injury, autism, schizophrenia, bipolar, anxiety disorders, etc. and your positive experiences as well as those lies and half truths society and even therapists would have us believe about ourselves.

We are different folks, and we are beautiful. The whole human race is beautiful. Let's celebrate life.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy mother's day all mothers, aunts, stepmothers, grandmothers, daughters and sons, and 'all nurturing women' as my dear sister said recently.

I bought miniature Laura Secord chocolates today and they were in a plain box mostly brown with pictures of chocolates on them. They used to be much prettier. I pasted a picture of a sunflower and butterfly on the top of the box. I think I'll look for a suitable poem and paste it on the bottom. Maybe something by Lewis Carol...Laura Secord were my mother's favorite chocolates and the miniatures mean something to me and perhaps to others, too. Laura Secord chocolates have been around for many many years. I remember in the late 40s and early 50s my mom saying how much she liked them. And miniatures are special because they're still around although Laura Secord stores are no longer in B.C. or Alberta. It was a gesture to remember mothers and nurturing women for Mother's Day. I will keep them and later someone will know I remembered.

Laura Secord is a Canadian company and Laura Secord was a Canadian pioneer woman who alerted the British, according to legend, that the Americans were attacking during the War of 1812 between the USA and Canada. There's a story that she drove a cow through a forest as a disguise and made her way to the British to warn them. I think I've got it right.

I understand Americans and America more by watching old Westerns. You're all a bunch of cowboys and pioneers at heart. Thus the guns and free spirits and individualism and so forth. Scratch one of you get Daniel Boone. And I think you all admire that in others, too. It's something to think about. This spirit of freedom and democracy that started in ancient Greece, the cradle of our democracy although not civilization. We can thank the Middle East for that, Iran especially, and Iraq -- the old Persia and Mesopotamia of Biblical times and before, much before, where universities and libraries began, where algebra was invented and the alphabet, I think, and which had such an influence on Greece and Rome.

Lest we forget our past.

And that's really not relevant, is it now? Past glories...but all except their sun is set.

You know what I mean, though, about old Westerns. We're all a bunch of cowboys, here in Alberta, too.

I bought a hairpiece for mother's day. One of my children sent me a lovely card and some money, and I bought a hairpiece. What do you think? My 'real' hair is short, spiked, and highlighted. You can tell from the front and crown.

Have a rose-colored day, a day of freedom, peace, and rest. And beauty, as you are beautiful. Happy Mother's Day. My mother died five years ago in August. But we all had mothers. And there are some who are very special mothers and served as examples to me.

"Your poor children" one of these women said to me when I was so very ill in 1975. I couldn't help it, little cabbage; my children would be the jewels in my crown if I were Queen.

Her eyes they shone like the diamonds, you'd think she was Queen of the land.


  1. "Black Velvet Band", right? One of my favorite Irish songs.

    The hairpiece matches very well, Kenna. I used to wear pieces like that. My real hair was longer, though. How do you get it to stay on?

    As for Americans, most of us would *like* to believe we are cowboys under the skin, but most of us realize when we're scratched that we aren't at all. Thank goodness many of us can adopt the independent *spirit* of the cowboys while passing up the crazy, gun-toting part.

    Sadly, we have a lot of the crazy ones in power right now. That's what the Tea Party did for us. Ugh.

    Happy Mothers Day to you, too.

  2. A lovely post, Kenna. I wish you a happy and peaceful day, today.